Cayden Codel. Verifying SAT Encodings in Lean. Unpublished master's Thesis.
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Notes: Completed for the partial fulfillment of a master's degree in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. Marijn Heule (chair), Jeremy Avigad, Bryan Parno, committee.


Cayden Codel and Marijn J. H. Heule. A Study of Divide and Distribute Fixed Weights and its Variants. Pragmatics of SAT 2021.
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Notes: Completed for the fulfillment of an undergraduate honors research thesis while at Carnegie Mellon University. Received runner-up for the Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award. A shortened version of the thesis was accepted to Pragmatics of SAT 2021, where I presented a talk.

Cayden Codel, Joseph Reeves, Marijn J. H. Heule, and Randy Bryant. Bipartite Perfect Matching Benchmarks. Pragmatics of SAT 2021.
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Notes: The work above was an extension of work completed for a special topics course with my advisor, Prof. Heule. The talk at Pragmatics of SAT 2021 was given by my co-author, Joseph Reeves.


William H. Guss, Brandon Houghton, Nicholay Topin, Phillip Wang, Cayden Codel, Manuela Veloso, and Ruslan Salakhutdinov. MineRL: A Large-Scale Dataset of MInecraft Demonstrations. IJCAI 2019.
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William H. Guss, Cayden Codel, Katja Hofmann, Brandon Houghton, Noboru Kuno, Stephanie Milani, Sharada Mohanty, Diego Perez Liebana, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Nicholay Topin, Manuela Veloso, Phillip Wang. The MineRL 2019 Competition on Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning using Human Priors. NeurIPS 2019.
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Notes: I worked with the MineRL team for 18 months. While with them, I helped them develop a code base for interfacing AI agents with Minecraft servers, and I worked on experiment design and the data collection pipeline. The MineRL team has yearly competitions for increasingly harder tasks in Minecraft.